Natural Hair Soap 1000Ml Seaweed

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Cypress Cypress has been loved by many Japanese people for very long time because of its warmth of wood skin. Cypress's antimicrobial activity has also been well-known and people have incorporated it into their livelihood. The scent of cypress woody. Contains and characteristics: hinokitiol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate for supressing dandruff and itchiness. L menthol for refreshing. Soybean lecithin for moisturizing. Jojoba Jojoba is a strange tree nut which grows in the desert. Transparent oil contained plentifully in small seeds (acorn size) is called desert jewel. The oil leads to moist and fluffy hair. Contains jojoba oil and chamomile extract for moisturizing. The scent of floral aldehydick. Marigold Weak acid soap hair soap that is kind to people and the earth. Natural ingredients for beautiful and healthy hair. Marigold extract (squeezing ingredient) makes the hair and scalp healthy and makes the hair lighter and lighter. Seaweed Growing naturally in the sea around the world. Seaweed absorbs the power of mother sea with its all over the body, and stores the power inside. Contains brown alga extract, soybean lecithin and chamomile extract for moisturizing, and it leads to well-managed hair. The scent of floral marine style. How to use: After wetting the hair and the background , take an appropriate amount in hand, lather well, carefully wash it so as to massage the ground. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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