Hand & Nail Cream 50G X 2

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A sign of age appears in the hand. Hands that tend to neglect care need serious aging care. Human Nano Hand & Nail Cream is a single bottle for aging care of hands and nails at the same time. A protein-keratinizing factor (human oligopeptide-5) that forms the nails is newly added to protect the hands and fragile nails that tend to be aged over time and protect them from dry damage. It penetrates the dry age nails to the inside (to the stratum corneum) and gives moisture. In addition, cosmetic ingredients such as vitamin B and coenzyme Q10 support hand age and prevent dryness while preventing human being dryness, and lead to a clear and fresh hand. No animal ingredients, no fragrance, no pigment. How to use: use it when you worry about drying your hands and nails.

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