Je Laime Secret Des Fruits Non-Silicone Shampoo 500Ml Deep Moist

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A shampoo of all non-silicon that will tend to dry deeply glossy hair as well. Non-silicone, unprecedented repair power. Hair repair while washing. Combination of natural amino acid derivatives with excellent permeability and Hierrobel (high adhesion hyaluronic acid) not missing moisture wrapped around the hair. Laureth sulfate Na free, weakly acidic, colorless, non alcohol (ethyl alcohol), mineral oil, raw material free from animals. Moisturizes the hair with the blessings of nature and protects it from drying. It gets moist and gently deeply, and it moistens superbly supple and supple hair. The hair which it is easy to dry with color damage also goes well. Color damage care ingredient (moisturizing) formulation. Prevent hair faded hair color, keep moist and glossy and keep it beautiful. The smell of commitment continues for a long time with natural fragrance use. Fragrant feminine red flowers and fruit scent. How to use: After wetting the hair and the background , take an appropriate amount in hand. Massage the background whisking, wash it well, rinse thoroughly.

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