Uv Emulsion Spf 50 Pa++++ 130Ml

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Multi-action UV screener Pioneer UV shielding formula Combining the strengths of essence and lotion. This composite UV shielding serum against harmful rays can stop UVA and UVB as well as dryness from causing damage to the skin. The smooth and oceanic feel allows effortless spreading and absorption; does not clog pores; rinse-free. Protects the epidermis from detriment caused by direct exposure to UV and near-infrared. Readily absorbed by skin and is intensively moisturizing; preserves abundant water content in the dermis. Maintains smoothness, suppleness and elasticity of skin. Ingredients: Nobel prize-winning component Stem cell ~ renews and repairs skin cells Other ingredients: World s first youth water (Mayleech youth formulaTM), marine peptides. Dalton in the range 2000, hyaluronic acid, neutrazenTM, mimosa extract, soybean extract, soluble protein, seaweed, vitamins, etc How to use: Apply each time: 1-2 pumps

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